Just say « Alexa, open Guess the Fake » to start playing! Guess the Fake is a fun trivia game based on the successful Guess the Fake tabletop game. It tests your knowledge of crazy facts by either saying “Fact” or “Fake”. 

Challenge your family and friends and see who can… Guess the Fake! The witty game master takes care of everything, he’ll ask the questions, explain the rules, keep the score and even crack a few jokes!  Beware… he might tease you if you're wrong!
-    1 to 5 players
-    5 – 12 minutes games
-    7 surprising game events 
-    Hundreds of whacky questions across many different topics, from entertainment and sport to history and science. 

-    « Fact » : If you think the game master is right 
-    « Fake » : If you think the game master is wrong
-    « Repeat » : To repeat the last question 
-    « Score » : To get the current scores
-    « Pause » : To pause the game
-    « Rules » : To repeat the game rules 
-    « Stop » : To quit the game 
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Have fun playing Guess the Fake!

Pour réaliser cette skill Alexa Zanzoon a fait confiance  à ShirkaLAB pour son expérience, son expertise et sa parfaite maîtrise du dialogue et du son.

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