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Are you ready to create new,engaging chat experiences with millions of users?

What do we do?

We produce voice applications for smart speakers
Our agency will advise you, carry out development work and support you through the process of creating your voice applications for Google Home / Google Assistant (Actions on Google) and Alexa (Skills). That’s all we do... but we do it well.

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Stages in the creation process

Method, imagination and technology

Création d'un application vocale pour Google et Alexa

Your project

A 'voice app' provides your customers with a new way of interacting. A voice app should be experience.

Our agency works with you throughout the research phase of your project, helping you to identify the need you’re seeking to address, the usage context and the target audience for your application.

Do you want to design a skill for Alexa or an Action for Google Assistant? We’re here to help you.
VUX d'une application vocale

Designing your voice app

This is the most complex part of the project process. Engaging interactions start with a well-designed voice experience.

Our « Voice User Interface » expertise will make your interactions with your users a success.We help you to design your user stories and chat scripts

At the end of this stage, you’ll be able to identify your future users’ «intents and « utterances .This information will form the key starting point for developing your voice application.


Creating delight

All assistants use a synthesized voice to communicate. Voice synthesis is able to create an infinite variety of phases from the same building blocks, known as phonemes .

This solution has its limits when transcribing complex dialogues that last more than a minute. To create a genuine identity and emotional attachment for your application, we work with leading studios and actors chosen for the quality of their voices to embody your application.

Because an uninspiring voice application is a wasted opportunity

Héberger les applications vocales

Developing and hosting your application

Alexa and Google Home’s artificial intelligence is limited to understanding and transcribing conversation in a format that can be read by software.

After that, it’s our job to develop an experience and facilitate a conversation that leverages your data. Webhooks, Node.js, APIs, AWS, Lambda and Google Platform terms may be double dutch to you... but here at ShirkaLAB they’re our native language!

The ShirkaLAB agency is selected by Amazon   and certified «Alexa Skill Builder»

Analyser et monétiser les assistants vocaux

Publish, analyze, monetize

A working voice application needs to be a good product, but for it to stand out among thousands of applications... well, that’s where the professionals come in.

Right from submission of the project, a diversified marketing plan is put in place, starting with the choice of visuals and the product’s name and description. ShirkaLAB works with you to create and devise your campaigns (Ads, emailing, social networks) and set up event mechanisms (PR, mini-sites).

Our Voice App Perf Platform enables you to monitor real-time changes in your voice applications. The Voice App Perf consolidates all the metrics of the #GoogleAssistant and #Alexa voice app stores in US, UK, DE, FR, ES & IT.

Our Clients

The ShirkaLAB Team


Project Management

Voice Design



Our Skills

We are a team with a field of expertise covering the entire life cycle of a voice application: Alexa skill and Google Assistant

Our skills in project management, design, development, hosting, marketing, analytics and publicity have been acquired from many projects in the digital world.
  • Agility
  • Voice Design
  • UX/UI-Design
  • Development
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Store Optimisation
  • Social media design
  • Analytics
  • Monetizing Voice Audience


Alexa, who is shirka?

is the main computer of the Odysseus, Ulysses’ ship in the Ulysses 31 TV cartoon.


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